2016-01 – Present
Toowoomba, Australia

Associate Professor

University of Southern Queensland

2012-12 – 2015-12
Los Baños, Philippines

Scientist I

International Rice Research Institute

2011-01 – 2015-11
Los Baños, Philippines

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

International Rice Research Institute

2010-01 – 2010-12
Manhattan, KS, USA

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Kansas State University

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I present four scenarios that cover various spatial and temporal scales where plant disease models can be used to help inform growers …

In this paper, we present findings from soil sampling and end-of-season disease assessments for charcoal rot in sorghum paddocks across …

This paper presents examples of different approaches for changing scales - including upscaling models, downscaling data, and developing …


DAQ00186 - Improving grower surveillance, management epidemiology knowledge and tools to manage crop disease

Integrated Disease Management (IDM) using various combinations of cultural, fungicide and resistance strategies offer the most viable long-term option for controlling the significant field crop diseases in the Northern Region. This project aims to build on the advances in IDM of major summer and winter crops made in the GRDC-funded project DAQ00154.

DAS00137 - National improved molecular diagnostics for disease management

Soil-borne diseases cause significant and often unexpected yield losses in broadacre crops. Annual potential national losses in wheat from soil and stubble-borne pathogens have recently been estimated to exceed $1,060 million and $792 million, respectively. Most decisions to minimise the risk from soil-borne disease need to be made before seeding, but determining which diseases pose the greatest risk can be difficult, as pathogen levels respond to changes in climate variability, farm practices, cropping sequence and crop varieties. This project provides new tools to help growers reduce the losses due to soil borne diseases.

DAW00228 - National pathogen anagement modelling and delivery of decision support

Models will be developed using up-to-date research findings and the best scientific procedures. Before the models are applied they will be tested with location-specific data. After testing they will be used to make decision-aiding tools to assist with farm management. The decision tools will be field tested with groups of potential users across the country.

DAW1810-007RTX - Disease epidemiology and management tools for Australian grain growers

This project will result in improved decision making for management of disease in cropping resulting in improved profitability and reduced financial risk for Australian grain growers.

Do Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation Technology and Nitrogen Rates Affect Rice Sheath Blight?

This project conducted two studies in 2015 and 2016 at IRRI to understand the effects of alternate wetting and drying water saving technologies on rice sheath blight.

PRJ-010814 Northern rice Australia - Developing rice growing packages for tropical climates

This project is evaluating the potential environmental impact of rice production in North Queensland along with fertiliser practices that optimise yield while minimising environmental losses.

R Packages

Global Surface Summary of the Day (GSOD) weather data client for R

Australian government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) data client for R

CRU CL v. 2.0 Climatology data client for R

NASA POWER global meteorology, surface solar energy and climatology data client for R