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Concepts, approaches, and avenues for modelling crop health and crop losses

bomrang: Fetch Australian government Bureau of Meteorology weather data

Mungbean and sorghum disease update

GSODR: Global summary daily weather data in R

Fungi and bacteria associated with the Peanut Kernel Shrivel (PKS) disease in the Bundaberg region

Crop health and its global impacts on the components of food security

Plant Pathogens as Indicators of Climate Change

Philippine Rice Information System (PRISM): innovating the rice field data capture and monitoring using smartphone

Farmers' preference for rice traits: Insights from farm surveys in central Luzon, Philippines, 1966-2012

Evaluation of correlation methods for co-occurrence network construction of rice crop health survey data

Climate change may have limited effect on global risk of potato late blight

Cambio climatico, enfermedades de las plantas e insectos plaga

A review on crop losses, epidemiology and disease management of rice brown spot to identify research priorities and knowledge gaps

Taking transgenic rice drought screening to the field

Putting information to use: Decisions at different scales

Refined empirical models for predicting Fusarium head blight epidemics in the United States

International agricultural research tackling the effects of global and climate changes on plant diseases in the developing world

Income inequality and economic growth in the Philippines

Crop losses in highly populated areas: A global perspective

Complexity in climate-change impacts: an analytical framework for effects mediated by plant disease

Beyond yield: Plant disease in the context of ecosystem services

Anticipating and responding to biological complexity in the effects of climate change on agriculture

Ecology and epidemiology in R: Spatial analysis

Ecology and epidemiology in R: Disease progress over time

Ecology and epidemiology in R: Disease forecasting

Writing teaching documents as a class project

Ecology and epidemiology in R: Modeling dispersal gradients

An introduction to the R programming environment