A broad look at charcoal rot in the Northern Region broadacre crops through soil sampling and in-crop surveys

_Macrophomina phaseolina_ (Tassi) Goid. is a generalist soil-born pathogen, which is endemic to Australia. The pathogen has a broad host-range of both monocot and dicot plant species which include numerous weed and crop plant species (1, 2). The …

DAQ00186 - Improving grower surveillance, management epidemiology knowledge and tools to manage crop disease

Integrated Disease Management (IDM) using various combinations of cultural, fungicide and resistance strategies offer the most viable long-term option for controlling the significant field crop diseases in the Northern Region. This project aims to build on the advances in IDM of major summer and winter crops made in the GRDC-funded project DAQ00154.

DAW00228 - National pathogen anagement modelling and delivery of decision support

Models will be developed using up-to-date research findings and the best scientific procedures. Before the models are applied they will be tested with location-specific data. After testing they will be used to make decision-aiding tools to assist with farm management. The decision tools will be field tested with groups of potential users across the country.