A broad look at charcoal rot in the Northern Region broadacre crops through soil sampling and in-crop surveys

_Macrophomina phaseolina_ (Tassi) Goid. is a generalist soil-born pathogen, which is endemic to Australia. The pathogen has a broad host-range of both monocot and dicot plant species which include numerous weed and crop plant species (1, 2). The …

DAS00137 - National improved molecular diagnostics for disease management

Soil-borne diseases cause significant and often unexpected yield losses in broadacre crops. Annual potential national losses in wheat from soil and stubble-borne pathogens have recently been estimated to exceed $1,060 million and $792 million, respectively. Most decisions to minimise the risk from soil-borne disease need to be made before seeding, but determining which diseases pose the greatest risk can be difficult, as pathogen levels respond to changes in climate variability, farm practices, cropping sequence and crop varieties. This project provides new tools to help growers reduce the losses due to soil borne diseases.