Upscaling models, downscaling data or the right model for the right scale of application?

Plant epidemiological models are used in a range of applications, from detailed simulation models that closely follow pathogen infection and dispersal, to generic template-based models for rapid assessment of invasive species. There is increasing …

Using modelling and mapping for digital insights into diseases in the rice field

Botanical epidemiology is the study of how plant pathogens and the diseases that they cause are affected by the environment and plant host. To study these interactions botanical epidemiologists often turn to models to help understand how diseases …

DAW00228 - National pathogen anagement modelling and delivery of decision support

Models will be developed using up-to-date research findings and the best scientific procedures. Before the models are applied they will be tested with location-specific data. After testing they will be used to make decision-aiding tools to assist with farm management. The decision tools will be field tested with groups of potential users across the country.

DAW1810-007RTX - Disease epidemiology and management tools for Australian grain growers

This project will result in improved decision making for management of disease in cropping resulting in improved profitability and reduced financial risk for Australian grain growers.